Learn about the specifics of your solar installation​ by hiring a knowledgeable solar consultant

Do-it-yourself home owners are everywhere, you need to trust the person you hire to protect you and your family from an amateur home maintenance project. At Property Inspections Hawaii you can ask for advice. Thomas takes to time to evaluate your situation and plans before jumping into a request. He brings a broad view of industry-related concepts and considers all aspects rather than what is just in front of him. 

For example:​​
  • Do you need an idea of the quality of the products that someone maybe installing for you?
  • Or are you looking for more of an in-depth evaluation including performance evaluation of the solar installation?

As your trusted property inspections consultant, we address the most commonly asked questions. 


As a home owner, you may be asking, “How do I know the people I hire are going to do a decent job of the attach to my roof?” The most common review of the solar installation is the quality of the installation and the attachments. For more information specific to solar, please visit Solar Specialty Group 

Second time satisfied customer: Veronica, Honolulu
I have found Thomas Hall to be a solar power expert because he has been a tremendous advantage in several aspects of my real estate investment properties. Thankfully I was introduced to him by a close friend who hired Thomas to inspect his own solar panel installation.

Thomas found numerous errors or inconsistencies with his installation and likewise found that much or more with my installation. I would have never have known of these as I blindly thought the solar company would follow the applicable standards. I must say they were a bit surprised when I presented them with his report which listed various problems with their installation and they promptly set up an appointment to correct the problems and errors.

Thomas has keen insight into why the contractor did what they did and explained it to me in a way that I could easily understand.

Here’s another satisfied customer:        Scott I. , Waihiawa 

Thomas was thorough, friendly, and explained his observations in a relaxed and unhurried way.  He took care to ensure that his representations were balanced and objective, and he invited us to ask questions at any time during our walk-through or afterwards.  He was also candid about bringing to our attention items that he thought to check but was unable to directly observe--for example, because of access limitations or because a feature was built into the structure of the home, such as the sealing of window casements.

His experience is reflected in his many licenses as a contractor and inspector, as well as in being selected as the current Vice President of the Hawaii Association of Home Inspectors.  My wife and I feel confident in his assessments and we are now much more comfortable in proceeding with our home purchase.

Our Realtor recommended Thomas, and we can see why.  He has my highest recommendation and thanks.

Design, Install, or Evaluate 

Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or you hired a contractor to install your solar, we can help you with design and installation or provide an evaluation of what was installed.